Though the boards are being made in a small crafts studio, project consist of several professionals. The people in the project have artistic freedom and the reason they have been selected as the Lonkenstein family is their high quality art and good spirit.

Ossi Pirkonen is a Helsinki based illustrator. He is the AD of the Lonkestein project and runs the biggest website for visual professionals in Finland (Pingstate.nu) with his friends. He’s often sitting in a studio space called Pikku-Kekkonen. He loves rock music and good hollywood movies.

Hannu Aarniala is a graphic designer and a freelancer, working for different clients, for example Suosikki-magazine. He is also inspired by handy crafts, electronic music and believes that DIY can save the world.

Antti Kemppainen is studying graphic design in UIAH. Everything begun with an innocent flirt and he found out to be aboard in the Lonkenstein ship through a friend.

Jonna Uhrman illustrates, paints, thinks about thoughts, draws and dances in between. Dreams about travelling and far away lands.

Sanna Sipola is a graphic designer between Chamonix-Helsinki-Rovaniemi. Loves mountains, oceans, breathing and board sports.

Outi Kallio is a Helsinki based graphic designer and illustrator battling with final thesis for Lahti School of Design. Designed two prints for Lonkenstein.

Eemeli Nieminen is a Helsinki based freelance graphic designer. Focused on books, visual identities and information design.


Helmi Honkanen is designer studied in Lahti School of Design “Most important thing in design is that the walls are not too close. Best ideas are found through play. My Lonkenstein-prints talk about childhood: candy, summer drops and how whip out the aces in style.”

Jari Salo is an AD and graphic designer living in Helsinki. AD for Slammer – snowboard magazine.

Laura Miyashiro, illustrator and graphic designer based in Barcelona. She has studied at the Buenos Aires University (Argentina) and at the Massana art school in Barcelona. Nowadays collaborating in the child magazine “Tretze Vents”, working as a illustrator freelancer and co-editor of “Badabum” (personal project)